Road and Story

Road and Story

We have an ambition to Showcase Story of Pakistan as the best tourist destination and help develop supreme facilities and infrastructure for domestic and foreign travellers & tourists

Who we are?

Road & Story is a specialist tourism, hospitality and real estate development firm. Road and Story possesses a team of creative and experienced professionals who share a common vision how tourism and related infrastructure can be sustainably developed.

Being tourism specialists, we are well aware of the need of market-driven development strategies with the right experience and tools to connect destinations to foreign markets.

Road & Story is committed to the development of tourism infrastructure, related facilities and hospitality that creates a positive experience for local people, local businesses and tourists themselves.

About The Founder

Where did it start and how? It all started with a very inspiring man named Yasar Rashid. After returning from trekking in Hunza in 2016, he was more than determined to share his passion and vision about tourism in Pakistan. He was all about sharing experiences and adventures in an authentic as well as sustainable manner. Road & Story was born with nothing other than his own credit cards. What was conceived in a brilliant mind is now taking the world by storm. Envisioned to become Pakistan’s largest travel and tourism company, Road & Story is paving ways for a better Pakistan.

Creative approach

We try to find the best solution in any specific case


Stakeholder oriented

It is very important to satisfy our stakeholders and meet their needs



We provide a coherent plan with business steps



We always can correct the plan and add needed changes


Support 24/7

We provide a high-quality support for each client 24/7


Yasar Rashid

Mr. Yasar Rashid is an ex-Banker [Addl. Director-SBP for 10 years & Group Head-Bank Alfalah for 7 years], ex-CEO, Stylo Group and founded Road and Story Company with friends/partners who are top bankers in Pakistan and KSA. Mr. Rashid has also pioneered Home Stay Concept in Northern Areas and have developed rooms in the homes of locals for the tourists in GB and Kashmir. Mr. Rashid is also advising government of Gilgit-Baltistan on tourism, banking and finance.


Mr. Qureshi has spent 45 years in Insurance industry including 30 years in UAE insuring top projects. He is presently serving as Director Millat Tractor, MD Kuwait Insurance and ex-CEO Alfalah Insurance. He is advising to the Board of R&S on strategic matters of the Project.


Rehan is an MBA from LUMS and is a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) from the Institute of Internal Auditors USA and FRM from GARP USA and is MSc Statistics from Punjab University. He has a rich and varied experience of over 20 years of working in senior positions in the corporate sector. He has worked with leading local and international commercial banks as well as central bank on leadership positions. He has designed and implemented complex financial models, internal control policies, enterprise wide risk and control systems. He has demonstrated ability to lead teams to achieve organizational objectives in challenging operating environments.


Over 25 years of diversified experience including 20+ years in various supervisory positions, entrepreneurship, consulting, and top corporate positions. I have worked for 10+ years in the State Bank of Pakistan (Central Bank of Pakistan) and practically applied economic theory to macro-economic management, foreign exchange trading, and human resource management. Subsequently, have consulted various organizations on architecture, project management and teaching. Presently, working as Chief Operating Officer [COO] with Road and Story [Pvt.] Ltd. from 2020 reporting to CEO and supervising 50+ managers and staff.I am responsible for looking after the company's real estate development in the hospitality, tourism and supervising teams for land acquisition, architecture & design, consultants, construction, procurement, and project management.I am also supervising Subway International Pakistan franchises and managing its day-to-day operations.